October 24 2022

Started physical therapy about five weeks ago. It’s going really well. My doctor says he’s proud of how much progress I’ve made in the last few months. My therapist thinks it’s a matter of “when” rather than “if” when I get to go out on my own. Once the pain in my knees cleared up, everything changed. My strength is starting to come back. I’m still losing weight. I’m down 55 pounds in the last 5 months and over 130 pounds since the pandemic began. I’m currently at the lightest I’ve been since 2016.

My blood pressure was creeping back up. So the doctor put me back on some pills to pull the water off. He’s convinced all my knee pain was fluid retention. Seems like he was right.

My roommate has to have a heart cath tomorrow. He hasn’t been doing well for the last several weeks. Hope they find out exactly what is wrong. He sleeps a lot on has a hard time standing up. He’s completely wheelchair bound right now.

Found out an old friend of mine is buying some country property in West Virginia. She always loved the mountains and forests. Says she going to raise some bee hives and make some money off the timber rights. She has wanted to get out of the big city for the last few years. Her neighborhood has gotten real bad.

I don’t have any plans for Halloween. Not sure what my place is doing for that. We had pumpkin painting about a couple weeks ago. And the fall leaves are beautiful this year. Been really dry too. The corn harvest is almost done. My parents are probably coming up for Thanksgiving. This fall has gone fast.


October 9 2022

A lot has changed in the last few weeks since I wrote. I started physical therapy two weeks ago. I have three sessions per week. I can now walk in my apartment without a walker. I can get anywhere in the facility with a wheel chair. I get outside more often now that fall has hit and the weather is cooler. My blood pressure has returned to normal. I’ll probably have to take blood pressure meds for the rest of my life. But blood pressure issues run in my family. My knees and feet don’t hurt anymore. I have to take tylenol every day for my knees but it works. I’m down over 45 pounds since Memorial Day and over 120 pounds overall since covid started. I’m currently at the lowest weight I’ve been since late 2016. I can now walk several minutes with a walker non stop. And I’m the waiting list for a private room. My own personal wheel chair is on back order but if I keep losing weight and improving through therapy, I might not need it for long.

Overall things are going well. I’m doing much better than I was six months ago. I never thought this improvement was possible this fast. Therapy and I both now have the long term goal of getting back out on my own again. Even though I haven’t owned a car for three years, I still have my drivers’ license. I’m glad I kept it current through the pandemic. I had an odd feeling that I might have need for it in the future. And I just might.

After my car accident in 2015 I got really depressed and eating a great deal. Gained a lot of weight. And I’ve already lost most of what I gained after the car accident. That accident spooked me real bad but I’m glad I didn’t give up my drivers’ license. As much as I love using Door Dash to get groceries delivered to my house and I get damn near anything delivered to via Amazon within four days even though I live in a small town, I’m glad I still have my drivers’ license. I was inspired to keep my license by one of my old neighbors who had a drivers’ license for “emergency purposes” even though I never knew him when he owned a car.

Ideally I’d like to end up back in the town I previously lived in. I know that town well, still have several friends there, I love the culture of the town, and I’ve always done well in college towns. I imagine eventually I will end up living in Oklahoma near my brother and his family as my aunts and uncles become elderly. But I’m glad to have a new lease on life. And these are good issues to have. Things have really been improving in the last five to six months. I didn’t expect to improve this fast. I thought I wasn’t going to improve at first.