Recovering After A Rough Spell

I’m starting to recover after a couple rough weeks. Been feeling more paranoid and irritable than usual. Things started getting better a few days ago. I’m back to more regular sleep even if I am staying up a couple hours later than usual. I still sleep half of the night in my recliner. It seems to be easier on my back and knees.

So far has been a milder and dryer winter than usual. We haven’t had anywhere near normal snow. It actually feels more like prolonged autumn than winter some days. Still gets real cold at nights.

I really haven’t changed my routine much. I drop in on my neighbors once a day. I go to the complex library at least once a week. I contact my family usually once a day. Still listen to lots of audiobooks. I usually kept to myself most of the time for fear of having a breakdown in public. Finally had a minor one a few days ago. Didn’t last long but it was healing like having a good cry or any other emotional release.

Broke down and bought some smaller shirts several days ago. I’m down a full shirt size in the last two years. My aches and pains aren’t nearly as bad. I still get winded occasionally but I can recover from those faster than even a few months ago. I do have problems falling asleep but I get quality sleep once I do sleep. 4am to 9am seems to be my best sleep time. I still take my meds every night. They sometimes make me sleepy.

3 thoughts on “Recovering After A Rough Spell

  1. Hey Zach! It’s great to see an update from you and even better to see that your feeling on the up. I really like how you described that feeling of relief afterwards and I think it shows how strong you are. It’s also a good reminder to me about how even life’s difficult moments can be beneficial in the long run. I don’t know about you, but I’m still in disbelief of my actual age and the aches that come along with it. God bless ole friend! 🙂

    • Good to hear from you man. Outside of my cousins, Caleb Sampson, and the Huffman sisters, I don’t hear much from people I knew from our school years. That’s part of adulthood I suppose. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to tell your friends about the blog.

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