Things I Don’t Miss From My Youth

Going with a little more light hearted post today. I guess I’m getting old enough I could become nostalgic if I wanted. Yet, there are things from the past that I don’t miss. So here goes

Things I Don’t Miss From The Past

Tape recording songs off the radio only to have the DJ cut off the last twenty seconds of the song

Metal slides and shorts at the park

Leaded paint on everything

How every restaurant, theatre, and high school sports event had the thick haze and smell of cigarette smoke

Having to use pay phones

Losing my PC game CDs and having to buy entirely new ones

Bullying not being taken seriously

Having only three tv channels

Dial up internet

My car CD player skipping every time I hit a pot hole

Losing contact with friends after they moved away

Going to the mall for Back To School shopping

The fashions of the 70s and 80s

The Cold War

Getting my news only from CNN


8 bit graphics on video games

Having to blow on my game cartridges to get them to work

Lax enforcement of drunk driving laws


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