Changes in Sleep Patterns

I haven’t been sleeping much lately. Yet it doesn’t seem to be effecting my mental health much. I usually go to sleep around 11pm, wake at 3am, stay up for a few hours, and then sleep from 6am to 9am. Far cry from the 12 hours a day I was sleeping just a month ago.

We’re having apartment inspections this week. I’m not really worried but I will be glad to have them done. I usually stay close to home. It’s starting to get kind of boring. But I’m still slightly afraid to socialize. Seems like many people are just irritable and on edge most of the time anymore.

Saw my home health nurse on Friday afternoon. I usually see her once a week. I have a Zoom call with my doctor in two weeks. The blood pressure is still borderline high. So I’ll be on these meds for the rest of my life. Perhaps the blood pressure meds have the side effect of making me want to sleep less.

Been kind of restless lately, especially in the middle of the night. Lying in bed while my mind races in the middle of the night is a new normal for me. I used to fall asleep real easily. Not anymore. Having weird dreams too. They aren’t scary, they’re just odd and make no sense.


3 thoughts on “Changes in Sleep Patterns

  1. Hi dear!

    Thank’s for sharing your thoughts. I can tell you that I have a pretty similar sleeping pattern. Typically, I go to bed between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., like you, I’ll wake up around 3 a.m., and yeah, I stay up two to three hours before I rest again. Sometimes I make a siesta in the afternoon. What I really can’t do is lie in bed and wait for sleep to arrive. So I spend my time in front of the computer. I call it my “nightbreak.” My diagnosis is called Schizoaffective Disorder. Unlike you, I haven’t had a night with an uninterrupted and long sleep in years. So, these are my thoughts…

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I guess for myself my sleep patterns shift from one extreme to the other. I was a real night owl as a kid. So much so that my dad gave me a bed side lamp and told me I could be up as late as I wanted as long as I was quietly reading and up in time for school and church services. As an adult I either needs lots of sleep or very little. I usually sleep more in the summer than winter, so maybe there is a seasonal aspect to my sleep patterns. I’ve had a Schizophrenia diagnosis for over twenty years now.

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