Getting Ready For Winter

Been spending more time at home since the weather is turning cold.  Haven’t had any real snow yet, but that probably won’t last long.  Avoiding the stores and crowds of holiday shoppers.  I have never done well in crowds and it seems to get worse as I age.  Found out that one of my local grocery stores offers home delivery.  I have used this a few times as I really don’t like driving on crowded streets anymore.  Found out I do just fine on rural highways when I went to my parents’ place for Thanksgiving.

Overall I’m feeling pretty stable.  Haven’t done much since cleaning my apartment over the weekend.  Haven’t really been in the mood to talk to many people, so I keep to myself most of the time.  Besides talking to a few friends and my parents, I haven’t had much for a social life for the last week.  Now that I have winter supplies stocked again, I really don’t have to leave my complex for at least a few days if I don’t want to.

Between getting out my winter coat and stocking up on cold weather food, I think I’m ready for the next three to four months of winter.  Even though spring is my favorite time of year, I’ve also enjoyed winter in years past.  I usually get a lot of reading and writing done on cold days.  I don’t feel guilty for not wanting to go outside in the cold.  I am ready for winter.


1 thought on “Getting Ready For Winter

  1. You sound like your ready for hibernation. 🙂 I can empathize, I hate shopping in crowded stores and I also find I don’t like to drive far, as I age, as well. I do fine going to a few places I frequent often… but try to send me somewhere new and my heart will start racing!! When I was younger, I used to pack a backpack, get in my car and head off on a road trip with no destination in mind. I don’t think I would enjoy that much today. And there is nothing wrong with enjoying some alone time. I would love to have the house to myself for a few months and enough supplies to stay indoors and chill. So I suppose that’s great, as long as you don’t feel lonely and enjoy the time to yourself. If not, be sure to reach out if you get to feeling alone. There are still some good people around who care about others. Best wishes!

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