Getting My Car Back, Going Back To The Hospital, and Looking For A Sense Of Routine

It’s been a month since I went to the ER and the doctor found an ulcer forming in my stomach.  On Tuesday I go back to the hospital to get my stomach scoped again to see just exactly what is going on.  Between going to the chiropractor three times a week, going to my psych doctor once a month, my therapist every two weeks, it seems like I’m going to appointments every time I look up.  My routine for the last month has been go to appointments during the day and watch science and history programs on netflix and youtube for much of the night.

One change to my routine coming up is my car is fixed and ready to be claimed.  Had been driving a borrowed car for almost three weeks.  I actually got used to driving a different car.  Might be a bit of a change adapting back to my old car.  But it’ll be great getting back to some resemblance of routine.

I’m also getting into my late fall and winter diet and exercise routines.  I’m tracking everything I eat far more diligently.  I’m starting to exercise indoors.  The weather is still nice enough I only need a light jacket most days but it gets below freezing most nights.  Won’t be too long and we’ll be shoveling snow.  In Nebraska we usually get our first snow around Thanksgiving.  But we can also get several days of almost summer like warmth in mid to late November before winter finally takes over.  But with the warmest days behind us I have to exercise indoors most days until at least late March or early April.  I have struggled with my weight loss and health improvement routines this year.  Didn’t have nearly as much success in 2015 as I did in 2014.  But I’m not giving up on my health improvement routine.  I’m going to learn from this year’s mistakes and shortcomings and adapting.


3 thoughts on “Getting My Car Back, Going Back To The Hospital, and Looking For A Sense Of Routine

  1. Glad your car is repaired! I need to exercise and here lately it is rainy, rainy, rainy. What kind of exercise do you do inside? I am considering a riding bicycle (stationery) . . . I have neurological problems so can’t do everything, but just wondering what you do since you had the awesome 70 pound weight loss. I would love to do that! I am a poet (I may have told you) and am working on a couple books. Still love your column and read them all. Been under the weather a bit. If I don’t comment, I’m in a cocoon and will be out again soon.

    • Since I live in an apartment complex with long hallways and stairwells, I’ll walk the hallways and stairwells. I also do dance exercises and stretches in my apartment. I do arm weights three times a week. I’m not really concerned about the weight but I go more for reps.

  2. so glad you have your car back. you look better driving it than a minivan! hope the new anti inflammatory med helps your esophagus heal and the stomach pain go away. sorry your days are filled with Docs, PAs and therapists. hope you feel better soon and your back and esophagus pains are gone. prayers for your improved mental and physical health!

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