Recovering From Several Rough Days With Mental Illness


Had several rougher days than normal lately.  One of those days involved a bad episode where I was close to checking myself into the local psych hospital.  Fortunately one way for me to break out of bad episodes is to just talk my way out of them with friends and family, literally allowing myself to speak out of my distress.  It is a tough process for all involved but it does work, at least in my case.  I do not recommend this for most people because there can be many hurt feelings on the part of support people, friends and family.  I think the reason it works for my case is that I grew up in a stable family who would drop everything for one of their own at a moment’s notice.  My family handles these problems like champions and saints.  I don’t know how they do it without taking these episodes personal.  After I’ve burned myself out I make it a point to tell them that it’s nothing personal and I’m sorry for what happened.

Saw my psych doctor on Monday afternoon.  We added a new psych medication and a temporary medication to aid in sleeping.  Haven’t been sleeping terribly well lately either.  The psych issues and the sleep problems just feed on each other no doubt.  But I’m a couple days into a recovery.  Things look promising again.  I hope things keep going better.  I’ll keep you posted as I document these last rough several days and my attempts at recovery.


4 thoughts on “Recovering From Several Rough Days With Mental Illness

  1. Thank you for sharing. I’ve had a rough few days. Probably not as bad as yours, but bad enough to cause me to cancel appointments and question certain things that maybe shouldn’t have been questioned.

  2. Sorry you’re having more problems lately! I’m glad that our family is usually available and can help you by phone when you need us. Have hope that calmer days are coming with med changes and cooler weather. Love you always!

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    Bravely said, I would not be where I am now if it was not for the kindness and support of family and friends. It really is good to talk. I hope the meds ease things even for a while, take care

  4. Would you be as hard on yourself if you had a physical illness like MS? You are doing a marvelous job of allowing your loving family to support you and taking medical advice. I, too, have had some rough days recently and it is slowly getting better as it always does. You should be proud of yourself for trying so hard to keep well.

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