Physical Health Emergency and Mental Illness


Earlier this week I had to go to the emergency room because I had a piece of chicken get caught in my esophagus.  I couldn’t swallow water or even saliva.  I couldn’t even get the chunk out by forcing myself to vomit several times.  Didn’t get anything but dry heaves.  Since this happened in the overnight hours (I’m a serious night person) I went to the emergency room after a few hours of unsuccessful attempts to dislodge the caught chunk of chicken.

Fortunately the e.r. wasn’t very busy as it was about six a.m. when I checked in.  I was seen by a nurse who took down my entire health history and she told me that they’d have a doctor scope my throat to dislodge the blockage.  Since I wasn’t the only person who had to see this doctor that day I was in the hospital for probably four and a half hours total, including check in, initial consultation, prep for the scoping, and the actual procedure.  It wasn’t quite the in and out, but I did have a camera attached to a cable slid down my throat and have blockage removed. The doctor also saw what looked like a small ulcer.  I’m now on a medication for ulcers and have to see him again in a month.  Wish me luck.

I had to take it real easy for the rest of the day, so I just slept much of the rest of the day after my dad brought me back to my apartment.  Spent the next two days eating mostly oatmeal and apple sauce to go easy on my esophagus.  But things are almost back to normal, at least as close to normal as a life with mental illness will allow.


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