Stability With Schizophrenia and Updates


It’s been awhile since I posted.  Some updates and randomness are in order.  With spring being in full effect now, I’ve been outdoors and exercising every day.  We have a park that has some hiking trails that I’ve been doing for close to an hour a day about three to four days per week for the last few weeks.  Still get a little muscle soreness from this but I’m doing far better than where I was one year ago.

The mental health is even more stable at least 95 percent of the time.  I still have my occasional flare ups, especially under stress.  Fortunately I’ve gotten to where I either isolate to avoid physical contact with people or I’ll call a friend or family member and just talk my way back down.  Some of these conversations are scary even for me.  I know it’s even more so for those talking me back to sense, especially when I get personal about my rants.  I just hope friends and family don’t take anything personal because I am not vindictive or combative by nature.

I also got a different car.  A family friend was looking to sell a ten year sedan with only 34,000 miles.  So we, my family and I, took it.  My previous car was starting to have issues.  But it was over fifteen years old.  Many people don’t have houses that old.  With my newer car I’ve been getting out a little more.  I rarely travel outside my hometown during the winter months.

I’m going to be a groomsman in a college friend’s wedding this July.  They are both high school teachers in South Dakota.  It’s an outdoor wedding in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Beautiful country, especially in the summer.  If you haven’t been there, I recommend it.  I had to get measured for a suit.  I was measured a few years ago for when I was a pallbearer at my grandmother’s funeral, but since I lost weight I was due for a remeasure.  I get to spend three days in the Black Hills, always one of my favorite vacation spots.

Overall, things have been going well.  Been exercising almost everyday.  The weather is excellent.  The mental illness problems are at a minimum.  My new car is serving me well.  My old friend from college is getting married and I get to see it up close.  I’m getting out more.  No more spending entire days indoors because of winter weather.  I have been silent on this blog for a few weeks.  Not because things have gone bad, it’s because things have been going well.  Sometimes no news is good news.


4 thoughts on “Stability With Schizophrenia and Updates

  1. It sounds you are on your way to being who you want to be. That’s excellent. I’m bipolar and trying to find a couple ladies to tripolar. OK I know tmi….smile I’m bouncing around with weight as well. 2 months ago I was 170 now i’m back to 195. walking help me as well so back on the street looking for my ladies and losing weight. CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM… auggg

  2. I am so impressed by both your blog and your commitment to keep well. In Scotland I managed a small non-profit organization for people with severe mental illness, in particular schizophrenia. I would have loved to have you volunteer or work for me with such an amazing attitude to your illness. Thank you for visiting Postcards from Kerry and as you can tell I sometimes struggle with my health but a positive attitude and kindness to yourself works wonders. Laughing, too. 🙂

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