Relapses and Lonely Friday Nights

The last several months haven’t been the most stable for my mental illness.  I had a “small” psychotic relapse yesterday afternoon.  Unfortunately this was at least my fifth breakdown since last summer and the second just in the last six weeks.  Things haven’t been stable and what I’m doing to minimize these relapses is no longer working.  I called my psych doctor and I’m now on the waiting list for an open appointment session.  I think I’m going to probably go back to my old medications.  They worked much better than what I’m on right now.  On the old medications I was on for at least six years I probably had only one or two relapses in an entire year, usually in late August or early September.  And even then the relapses weren’t as vicious as they are now.

I am afraid that changing medications could sink my attempts to lose weight.  I’ve lost over forty pounds in the last two years with these newer medications.  But these relapses are getting too frequent.  And even when I’m not relapsing I am more paranoid, more easily irritated, and more delusional than I have been in previous years.  One of my delusions now is that most people are stupid and malicious.  I’ve even gotten to where I don’t socialize in person unless it’s absolutely necessary.  But there’s only so much youtube, online articles, and computer games even a mentally ill man can do before such things become detrimental and unhealthy.

I can tell other aspects of my life are suffering.  I haven’t shaved in weeks and I don’t grow good beards.  I also haven’t showered every day like I normally do.  I haven’t been doing laundry as often as I should.  Things like my personal habits have been slowly deteriorating for the last few months.  I haven’t even gone to the park for over a week.  I normally go to the park three to four times per week.  Driving has become an irritable chore.  I drive so little now I usually go three weeks between refuels.  It’s been this way since mid October.  Besides a few snowstorms and one major blizzard, we didn’t have a bad winter.  Another delusion I have developed lately is an irrational fear that I’m going to get into another car wreck.  My social life and entertainment activities have been completely curtailed for months now because of the irrational fears that I’ll get into a wreck and that people are stupid and violent.  This is no way to live.  Changes are needed.


5 thoughts on “Relapses and Lonely Friday Nights

  1. Hi Zach! Another great window into your life! You do a fantastic job writing and have a real talent for putting the reader in your shoes! Keep up the good work buddy!

  2. I do not know what to say that would help you , setting an appointment to see your psych doctor is a very good first step , and you being aware of what is going on with you is also a positive thing, when I slide backwards my personal health takes a hit as well, the not showering every day , not being social , and so forth , I find blogging helps , and like you I watch a lot of youtube , I like to watch comedians , it seems to help at least for a brief moment in time.

    may you find your health and happy place my friend, best of luck .

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    A powerful reminder that finding the balance in mental health is an ongoing struggle. What works can stop working, and often what benefits us in one way can cause us problems in others

  4. Weekends are bad for me too, mostly because I’m not working and I realize others are having fun with their families and friends, kids, parties etc, and I’m just watching Netflix and drink Coca Cola… Tho I Did see Batman Vs Superman Today, EPIC MOVIE! So, if you have one friend and only one hit them up maybe go see it? If not, screw it! Go alone… Check out my Post On The Bat Here.<<<- Eventually I’ll do a review…

    Good Luck!
    Oh, and try some Hypnosis (<<< link) also, that seems to help me…

    Illness Adaptation

  5. I’m so sorry that things aren’t going well and that you are housebound. Hopefully medication changes will make a big difference. Continue to eat well, cut back on caffeine, and strive for real sleep as you wait for improvements from different meds. We want you to feel better!

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