Random Thought on an idle Friday afternoon

With it being a Friday, I am reminded of posts by friends of how much they love weekends and how much they hate their jobs. Maybe I got lucky by having a severe mental illness and being on disability. Perhaps I did, especially with how much I read about how people hate their jobs and their spouses. I also probably got lucky in that becoming disabled made me not marriage material. Yet, as it were, losing everything civilization told me to value made me fearless and optimistic. Once you lose everything, you are free to do anything it seems.


4 thoughts on “Random Thought on an idle Friday afternoon

  1. You always make me think of things you say as it relates to my life. I liked the post because it made me think how maybe my own situation has changed my outlook as well. While I enjoyed my job, there’s a LOT of things about it that I have not missed and in fact, am glad to be done with. Being disabled has helped me slow down and notice things more.

  2. I want to say, you are loved. Even if you don’t hear it often, you are capable. I don’t work and I see the same things you do. Interesting to think about, huh? I am so grateful to have found my husband. Even with my schizophrenic trips, he loves me and it’s unconditional. He’s mentally sane but def a misfit which is why we get along. Maybe you will find your weirdo misfit one day 💕

    • I haven’t ruled that possibility out, I will say. Yet, if it doesn’t happen I won’t be distraught about it. Right now I’m as happy and fulfilled as I have been at any point in my life. But sometimes even I need a few change ups. And if I ever met a lady as quirky and eccentric as I am and we get along excellent, that would be cool. I wouldn’t refuse it.

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