Weight Loss With Mental Illness

It has been quite hectic for several months for myself.  Between my friend’s wedding, my grandmother’s death, my typical rough late summer and early fall flare ups, my car accident, and the stomach problems, it has been quite eventful since early summer.  As a result I got stressed out and lazy about my exercise and diet routines.  I wound up gaining 35 pounds from Memorial Day to Halloween.  But after my back problems cleared and I changed my diet because of my stomach problems, I’m losing weight again.  I’m now down 12 pounds in the las six weeks.  Over all since I started the routine of diet, exercise, and lifestyle change I’m down  50 pounds.  Still want to lose at least 100 more pounds.  But I knew this was a complete lifestyle overhaul when I got started in March 2014.  This is going to take years of work and a lifetime of maintenance.  Yet I am back on the right track again.  On top of that I feel mentally more stable.  It’s amazing what a few weeks of stability and less drama can do.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss With Mental Illness

  1. Been on the same road and understand a bit the fact that it is a long term project dealing with weight and what life throws at us on a daily basis. One just has to take each day as it comes and move ‘forward’. Have a great Christmas

  2. Congratulations on your achievement so far. I have been there, often two steps forward and one back. Allow yourself some leeway for holidays – don’t beat yourself up if you gain a few pounds. January is nearly here and a fresh new start.

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