No News Is Often Good News With A Mental Illness

Things have been quiet for me in regards to my schizophrenia for the last several weeks.  Spring and early summer have traditionally been the best times of year for me.  This year is no exception.  Still exercising six days a week on average.  I’m still getting out of the apartment and going to the parks or the mall to people watch and be out and about more days than not.  Haven’t had any real problems with depression, anxiety, or agitation for at least a couple months.  Haven’t really been anywhere besides visiting family for several months.  It’s been a stable and drama free go for a long time.

I can attribute this stretch of no news to a few things.  For one, I’ve learned over fifteen years with a diagnosis what causes problems and how to avoid them.  I traditionally haven’t done well in large crowds and fast paced environments.  So I usually do most of my shopping errands in the early morning or late night to avoid crowds.  I typically avoid driving during high traffic times.  I couldn’t get away with this living in a large metroplex.  But there are some advantages to living in smaller towns for those with mental illness, less stress and slower pace being among those.

While I don’t tell complete strangers I have a mental illness, I have found there is less stigma and less uneasiness when I do discuss it with others then there was fifteen years ago.  When I was in college I never told anyone outside of a few close friends I had a mental illness.  But seems that people are not as ill at ease as they once were.  As stress and anxiety become bigger issues afflicting more people, the stigmas of mental illness will break down even faster.

I’ve never been one that thrived on drama and instability in my personal or work life.  It’s been pretty uneventful with my mental illness for quite some time.  And I’m liking it just fine.  No news is often good news, especially with a mental illness.


6 thoughts on “No News Is Often Good News With A Mental Illness

  1. I’m glad things are going well for you this Spring! Keep getting outdoors and keep walking. Sunshine and exercise are important mood enhancers and free therapy.

  2. I must tell you how happy my heart is to have found your blog! It’s such an amazing feeling for me to hear that someone who has struggled with a mental illness has found the strength within themselves to carry on, and do so with grace and courage.

    I’m an advocate for those with any mental health illness, and communicate and commiserate with regular people who are struggling to find their balance.

    The stigma, I agree, is much better (than the 15 years ago I was diagnosed, as well), but it’s still. got a firm hold within proud families. And that is, understandably, tough to break.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. The more uninformed people hear and relate to individuals who really struggle with a mental illness, the closer we are to getting rid of the stigma completely. That is what I’m working for, and stories like yours help us get there.

    Thank you. 🙂

  3. There still remains the mental illness stigma, yet it has improved. I’m not one to share my illness with anyone, depression, is still looked upon as “a case of having the blues”, so I keep my trap shut. You’ve really accomplished a lot, so kudos to you and pat yourself on the back. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliments. I write about my experiences because I’m good at explaining things to others. Too bad we don’t have more people with mental illness problems writing about their experiences, at least not yet. It’ll come in time.

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