January 31 2023

Things are really moving fast now. Heard from my caseworker that it might actually be easier to move to Oklahoma City and wait for low income housing down there to open up than wait here in Nebraska. The process of transferring my medicaid would be only a couple days worth of paperwork. And my parents are willing to let me stay in their guest room until low income comes open down there. In short, I could be living in Oklahoma within a couple weeks if even that. I am excited for this new chapter in my life. I have never lived outside of Nebraska. I’m ready to move on to the next chapter in my life. I haven’t been this excited since I started this blog full time in 2013. Weight loss wise, I’m the lightest I’ve been since 2014. If I lose another 20 pounds, I’ll be the lightest I’ve been since 2010.

I’ve decided if I keep losing weight, I’m going to get my Oklahoma drivers’ license and eventually look for a part time job. Since I’ve been out of the work force for several years, I imagine I’ll have to go through vocational rehab to find that first job. Since I’m still kind of stiff and achy when I walk long distances, this new job probably won’t begin within the next several months. I hope to find something in janitorial by the end of the year.


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