Dreams and Creativity

Sometimes I get ideas for poems and stories through dreams. I sometimes hear music in my dreams I don’t hear anywhere else. Since I don’t know much about songwriting, I usually leave the music as inspiration for my stories. Just this night, I had a dream about an American astronomer living in London. He has a steady career at a London Planetarium but his friends are total losers. He roommates with his younger brother and two of his soccer hooligan buddies. He loves ancient astronomy texts, dotes on his ten year old niece, and can barely make it in spite of having a decent career. There HAS to be a story in that jumble somewhere. Just have to draw it out.

Hopefully by frantically writing notes in the middle of the night, I can make sense of this dream. I have decided that I want to branch out as a writer. I’ve been doing these blogs regularly for almost ten years. I used to be really big into writing poetry, namely nature and small town things along the lines of Robert Frost and Walt Whitman, my two favorite poets. But, who knows what can come of this strange dream. In the past I have written rough drafts for two novels, a book of “Hillbilly Wisdom” available on e-reader via Amazon under the title “Wisdom of a Hillbilly Scholar” by Zach Foster. I have been writing regularly for years in this blog, but I think now that I have a few more years under my belt, a few grays in my beard, and chronic knee pains, now might be a good age to share some of my wisdom.


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