History of Humanity in Less than 100 words

Take biology and psychology that developed over many thousands of years in the Stone Age, throw in Bronze Age spirituality and religions, mix in legal, finance, and government institutions developed in the Renaissance, toss in jobs, consumerism, work ethic, and education developed in the Industrial Revolution, add mass media and instant communications of the early 21st century, and possibly add machine automation that will make the work force far smaller and resources far easier to get as icing on the cake. Stand back and watch mayhem and chaos ensue or work toward bringing about the Star Trek future.


2 thoughts on “History of Humanity in Less than 100 words

  1. Do you like podcasts? You should listen to “history of Rome”. There are hundreds of episodes, in case you end up liking it. Reminds me of this post

    • I do like some free ones on youtube. I occasionally drop in on Joe Rogan, Peter Diamandis, Michio Kaku, techie podcasts, and there is one on twitter that is something like ‘Pessimists Archieves’ that shows actual newspaper articles from the past detailing what people felt about tech advances that we today take for granted. For example, people used to get arrested for wearing head phones in public as recently as the 1980s. Makes me wonder what people in 2050 will laugh at about us 🙂

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