Social Media and News Vacation Part II

I’ve now spent almost a week avoiding Facebook and news broadcasts.  And I feel more calm and relaxed than I have in months.  I still don’t get out of my apartment very often as I’m still kind of paranoid about interacting with complete strangers.  So I have spent the last several days playing computer games, reading science and tech blogs, and watching a few movies over netflix.

Even though I feel more calm and relaxed, I’m still sleeping a lot and not getting much for physical activity.  I probably sleep 10 to 12 hours a night anymore.  I guess I’m still kind of stressed and anxious even with my news blackout.  I suppose old anxiety is tough to get rid of with schizophrenia.  I’m going to keep up with the news and social media blackout for at least the next two weeks.  Hopefully by then my anxiety will be lower and most of the insanity of the election will have passed.


1 thought on “Social Media and News Vacation Part II

  1. Blocking the news and Face Book during this nasty election cycle is a good idea. I’m glad you have books to read and computer games to play. Get some sun this beautiful week. The Fall leaves are spectacular this year! Have hope and keep writing.

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