Getting Back On Track

After several rough days I think I’m starting to feel better.  Went out and bought a lot of groceries this morning. I had been eating out twice a day for the last week because I wasn’t motivated enough to go out and go grocery shopping.  Doubtless I wasn’t eating healthy during those days. Bought mostly non perishables like soup, rice, and ramen noodles.  I’m starting to rebuild my winter emergency supplies.  We had our first freeze in my hometown a few days ago.  The leaves are turning, the corn harvest is going on, playoff baseball is starting, and college football is in the thick of it’s season.  October has traditionally been a happy time for me.

Still taking the daily multi vitamin.  I’ve gotten to where I don’t need 10 hours of sleep every night.  I’m now down to 8 hours a night.  I’m finding myself needing less sleep.  And I don’t drink as much caffeine as I usually do.  Maybe that’s why I’m getting more consistent sleep and less irritable.  I exercise a little every day and I still lift weights three times a week.

Overall I’m feeling better than I was a few days ago.  I’m feeling more energetic and more motivated.  I don’t feel as irritable and the hallucinations have subsided.  I’m also no longer feeling depressed like I was last week.  I still don’t socialize as much as I have in the past but I am getting out of my apartment more often.  I keep in contact with friends and family, mainly over the phone and Facebook.  I probably wouldn’t have much of a social life if it wasn’t for internet and cell phones

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