Pushing To Get Better Physically and Mentally

I’ve been actively working for the last two weeks to get my back into good health.  Been icing my back most of the time when I sit down and taking ibuprofen every six hours.  Last night I slept in my bed for the first time in over a week.  It doesn’t sound like much but it was nice after several days of not being able to lay down at all.  I slept for five hours last night but it apparently was all I needed.  Woke up with a little back pain but I am back to almost good after a little ice.  I’m glad to be back on the mend.

I’m also pushing myself to get back to losing weight.  I’m now on day three of tracking everything I eat.  Sure it is draconian and anal retentive but it’s the best thing that worked for me in the past.  I know I have lost weight in the past by tracking my diet and I can do it again.  In fact it may be the only way I can lose weight.  Granted that won’t make me much fun when dining out with friends but it’s the best thing I have working.  It’s looking like the old habits of tracking what I eat are starting to come back.

I’m also pushing myself to better my mental health.  I’m avoiding toxic people, toxic places, toxic ideas, and learning better coping skills for my mental illness.  I’m slowly but surely learning how to stop negative thoughts about others and myself before they become obsessions.  I’ve also started listening to inspiring videos and podcasts on youtube.  Youtube is a treasure trove of both positive and negative ideas.  You have to actively search out the positive to find it.  But that is why there are the search bars and search engines.  Use them to find positive and uplifting materials.  Anymore you can find whatever you want with a couple search engines.  I have no excuse in 2016 to not find uplifting and reenforcing information.  It’s just a matter of typing in the right information.




1 thought on “Pushing To Get Better Physically and Mentally

  1. I would like to say something cheerful and upliftling but it might sound really cliché, so I’m holding it in. Though sometimes, probably the most cliché things still make us feel good. And I know I’m just ranting, but rather than just reading the post and scrolling on I wanted to at least try to say something. Even if it didnt really make much sense. Sorry for the unnecessary rambling still. 😛

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