Writing a Book About My Experiences with Mental Illness


I first wrote about my experiences with mental illness in late 2006 when I wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper about my experiences as a way to promote mental illness awareness when one of our local state legislators was putting on a forum about such topics.  To my pleasant surprise, the article/letter I wrote went over well.

From that experience I decided to write a series of short topical essays about what the aspects of living with mental illness were like.  I wrote about such topics as struggling through college, struggling in the workplace, filing for disability insurance, how to cope with loneliness, how to deal with losing friends, what to tell family members, employers, friends, and other topics.  Many good books have been written about mental illness by doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists, yet not many from the mentally ill person’s point of view.  That is where I came in.

A couple of years ago, I put all of these essays into book form in a book available through lulu.com titled The Mental Illness Essays.  The essays written in this book led me to write my blog.  I have put a link to the site where my book is available in this post.  You can also get there by clicking on the picture of the book at the top of this post.  Check it out and leave some feedback.


5 thoughts on “Writing a Book About My Experiences with Mental Illness

  1. I’ve read half of your book as of this writing. After reading about a few of the visual hallucinations you have experienced, I am so grateful my hallucinations are only auditory (they do commentary on most activities I do, like the play by play commentary that goes on during ballgames). It is sad, real sad, you’ve had such problems with your family. My only true ‘problem’ (if it can be called that) with my family is they expect a lot of good things out of me (But having a supportive family who knows I’m capable of good things in spite my illness is better than having a family that doesn’t care). I can’t tell you how to feel about anything. The fact you’re still standing in light of everything you’ve experienced with hallucinations and family strife is amazing. I’m sad for what you have been through. No one deserves those experiences. When I finish reading the last half, I’ll let you know.


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