January 1 2023

Been a few weeks since I last wrote. Updates are in order. I managed to get through the holidays with gaining only a few pounds. But I’ve lost two pounds since Christmas, so I’m back on track. I’m still doing physical therapy three times a week. The workouts are getting tougher as my endurance increases. I can walk with a cane now. I still use a walker for long distances. I don’t use the wheelchair nearly as much anymore.

My dad had a health scare a few days before Christmas. He survived and decided to get serious about weight loss and physical therapy. He’s in his seventies, so it’s not like he’ll be able to walk 5 miles a day like he used to. In short, he was having a stint put in and the surgery was unsuccessful. He didn’t have a heart attack but had a close call on the operating table. He was under travel restrictions for several days, so I didn’t get to see my parents on Christmas. I did get to see them on New Year’s Eve. Got an iPad for Christmas as well as some money for the vending machines. My parents also brought me some good instant coffee mix. I usually have one cup of coffee per day.

Our complex has several cases of covid, again. I’ve never tested positive but I get tested every few days. One of my friends in here moved to more independent living. While I miss her I am thrilled she has made so much improvement. She and I are kind of therapy friends as we have physical therapy often at the same time.

I decided I’m getting serious about writing again. I have done this blog regularly for ten years. I used to write lots of poetry. I wrote rough drafts for two novels in my younger years. Even though I lost the drafts over the years, I still remember enough about the books that I could probably put them back together.

I decided I’m moving to Oklahoma City area to be closer to my family. My parents now live there. My brother and his family have lived there for years. I want to be closer to my family again. After a few years of covid pandemic, contentious politics, and a couple health scares of my own, I’m ready to get on to some kind of normal. The paperwork to transfer my social security disability insurance to Oklahoma started a month ago. It could take a few weeks or it could take several months. But at the rate I’m going, I will eventually have my own place again.


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