December 6 2022

Been doing physical therapy for over two months now. My strength, stamina, and speed have improved quite a bit. This is inspite being sick on and off for the last month. Been sneezing, coughing, and congested for quite a while now. We have a couple cases of covid in here again. So the masks are back.

Hit a plateau weight loss wise for the last two weeks. Haven’t gained but haven’t lost even with the holidays. I still do therapy three times a week. I still watch how much I eat. But I guess hangups are to be expected once in a while.

Applied to get into low income housing in both my previous town and my parents’ town in Oklahoma. It’s now a game of waiting now. It could be several months or it could be a few weeks. We don’t know.

Overall I am down 70 pounds and my blood pressure has stabilized. I’ve just been fighting a virus that refuses to go away for the last month. I sleep better in spite of the sickness. Most nights I fall asleep shortly after dinner and sleep for a few hours. Then I wake up in the middle of the night and stay up for a few hours. Then I usually go back to sleep at 3am and sleep until 7.


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