December 16 2021

My homestate had some really weird weather yesterday. Several towns had tornado warnings, some places got snow, and we had hurricane force winds almost all day. A part of my town lost power. I got mostly high winds, a little rain, and a little snow. I was able to avoid most of the issues. There were also a few range fires in my state and even dust storms before the rain arrived. The airport in Lincoln, Nebraska reported wind gusts of over 100 mph.

I managed to weather the storm all right. I have several flash lights, several blankets, battery powered radios, and several days worth of water in case of emergencies. Didn’t have to break into any of that, at least not this time. I always keep a flash light on my desk and my night stand.

Really weird weather for mid December.


3 thoughts on “December 16 2021

    • It amazes me how few people have even a few days worth of food and supplies on hand in case of emergencies. Growing up in a rural farming community, this was standard. Everyone kept at least some supplies on hand in case of emergencies

      • You’ve learned good habits. I guess in the cities it’s easy not to think about it as there are so many conveniences, but you’re right, you just never know.

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