May 19 2020

Visited my parents and my brother over the weekend.  Got some new furniture and some hard to find cleaning supplies.  Had some good fish and chips for our family dinner.  Since I live so far inland, about the only seafood restaurants in my town are Long John Silver’s and Red Lobster.  I admit I never did develop a serious taste for seafood because it was tough to get fresh seafood in Nebraska.  But we always had excellent beef and pork.  I had a college friend from Wisconsin and she said their dairy and cheese sections were as big as our beef sections in their supermarkets.  I always found little cultural differences like this interesting.

Haven’t been having much for aches and pains lately.  I think this is partly due to the warmer weather.  I’m still taking multi vitamins every morning.  Started taking some vitamin D several days ago.  I am starting to feel a little more energetic and slower to get upset.

I’m supposed to be having the maintenance man come do some work in my apartment next week.  I’m getting one of those biddets on my flush toilet and having some electrical wiring work done.

Put my art work and flags back up on my walls.  I had my walls painted several weeks ago.  So between my art back on my walls and some new furniture, my place is feeling more like a home again.

Got my stimulus check a little over a week ago.  Bought some emergency supplies and food.  I really don’t need to leave my apartment for a few weeks if I don’t want to.  As glad as I am that small businesses are reopening, I am still a bit afraid to be out in public because of the covid virus.  Seems like there are no easy answers.  If we keep public areas closed too long, many businesses will go bankrupt and millions more people will lose jobs.  If we reopen too soon or too much, we could see a second wave of infections and possibly overwhelm our health care systems.  Either way, there is going to be lots of pain.  There are no ideal answers in a case like a pandemic.

Mentally I’m holding out well.  I still sleep at least nine hours a day.  I talk to friends and family at least once daily.  I make a point of watching some optimistic news on youtube at least once daily.


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