June 16 2019

Feeling decent overall the last several days.  Had my birthday celebration a couple days ago.  My parents came up for that and brought lunch.  At this stage of my life, the highlights of celebrations like birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc. is spending time with family and friends more than the dinners or gifts.  I’ve gotten old enough now it gives me more joy to see my nephews and niece than it does if I get something cool as a gift.  Anymore I’m as happy with something I can use everyday like t-shirts or pants or shoes as I ever was with the coolest toys and computer games when I was a kid back in the late 80s and early 90s.  We do change with age, hopefully for the better.

Today is Father’s Day as I write this.  This is my first Father’s Day with my dad being hundreds of miles away in another state.  I sent him a text this morning.  Being on a tight budget there aren’t many gifts I can give to the people that mean most to me.  I always make it a point to call my parents at least once a week.  I know someday they will be gone for good.  Many of my friends have already lost parents.  So I appreciate my parents whenever I can.

The weather has warmed up and we clearly are into summer.  We are getting less rain than previous months but this spring was one of the wettest I can remember.  With as cold as it was this winter, I almost forgot what hot and humid weather was.  I still open my windows after dark to let a breeze in, at least if I don’t think it will rain in the overnight.

My sleep patterns are changing too.  I usually take my medications about 9pm and am asleep by 10pm.  I usually wake up once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I’m usually up for good around 4 or 5am, almost always before sunrise.  I have found I can still enjoy the quiet time of the overnight hours at 4am and still be available to socialize and run errands in the morning.  I usually run my errands late morning or early afternoon.  I sometimes nap for a couple hours in the mid to late afternoon.  I also eat less.  I usually eat only twice a day now.  I usually drink lots of water throughout the day.  It gives me the sensation of something in my stomach and gives me an excuse to get up and going so I don’t sit for hours on end.  I sometimes get stiff if I sit more than a couple hours at a time.  But if I stand up for even a few minutes every hour or hour and a half, I can avoid this.

I have found if I limit caffeine and sugar I feel less stiff and sore on those days.  Back in high school when I was on the football team, our coach didn’t want us drinking soda pop or anything with a lot of caffeine or carbonation, saying such things  “cut your wind” as he put it.  By that he meant, it would make you breathe hard and sluggish.  And I’m convinced that too much caffeine, carbonation, and sugar will make my muscles feel tight and rigid.  Even in high school I felt better on days when I didn’t eat much sugar or carbonation.

Feeling good overall.  I have my routines that, while may be strange to my friends and family, work well for me.  I know I’m getting close to my toughest time of year.  August and early September have always been tough.  At least they haven’t been so tough the last few years.  But I’m doing well now and will enjoy the winning streak I’m currently on.

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