January 16, 2019

Haven’t gotten out much lately besides running errands.  I feel quite stable over even if I am content to just stay home and socialize with only old friends, family, and neighbors.  I still go to bed around ten p.m., sleep until 4 a.m, and am ready to go for the day.  I still nap for an hour or so during the middle afternoons.  As it is I still socialize even if I don’t get out of my complex much besides running needed errands.  I have become a homebody I suppose.  It’s quite a change from when I was growing up and I rarely wanted to be home, preferring to be with friends, at the library, or attending school activities.

I’ve been very stable lately.  Besides a bad but short lived break down in November, I haven’t had any true problems for over a year.  Maybe I am learning how to deal with the illness quite well.  Or maybe I just have discovered a routine that negates the worst parts of the illness.  Regardless, I’m doing well.  I want to keep this winning streak going.


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