Changing Eating Habits and Medication Adjustments

Spent Thanksgiving weekend by myself.  Other than going to get medications refilled I didn’t brave the stores on Black Friday.  After I got my meds I spent the weekend watching college football and playing computer games.  As my Nebraska Huskers finished with a losing record we won’t be going to any bowl game.  But there’s always next season.  I did buy a Christmas gift for myself online on Black Friday.

Saw my psych doctor a week ago.  We made some adjustments to the medication.  He and I both think I’m too content to spend most of my time alone or asleep.  So we reduced one med and started a new one that not only helps with compulsive behavior, but is suppose to actually be kind of a stimulant.  For the almost twenty years I’ve been taking anti psychotic meds, most of them made me drowsy.  That’s why I always took them at bed time.  I’m able to sleep longer stretches lately as I don’t have as bad back pain anymore.  For weeks I was sleeping only three hours at a time and sleeping half of the night in my easy chair.  But haven’t had the problem for a week now.

I also noticed that I tend to me more lethargic and sluggish on days I eat a lot of sugar or grain products.  Considering how much I like spaghetti and pastas, this has forced me to change my cold weather eating routines.  I now eat more potatoes and soup when I’m in the mood for something to warm me up that will stick with me for awhile.  I have found that as I age I have to be more mindful about what I eat.  Caffeine buzzes me longer than even five years ago.  Breads and grains make me sluggish and sleepy.  Too much spicy food upsets my stomach and makes me kind of irritable.  And don’t get me started on most fast food.  I used to eat fast food three to four times a week.  But that changed about a year ago.  I’ve eaten McDonald’s only twice in 2018 and KFC only once.  And Taco Bell just irritates my stomach too much anymore.  I’ve had to adapt my eating habits over the last few years.  But I do cook most of my own meals now.


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