Feb 20, 2018

Still staying close to home these last few days.  My part of the country is supposed to get some snow in a couple days.  So I won’t get to go anywhere for awhile it seems.  Not that it really bothers me.  I have made a routine of staying closer to home than in previous years.  It is something I have gotten used to.

I guess the days tend to seem longer than normal this winter because I do much of my sleep in the mornings and sometimes nap in the afternoon.  It’s dark out the majority of the time I’m awake.  But I haven’t had any flare ups lately.  I socialize mainly online and that is going well.  I think I’ve adapted well enough I can avoid much of the negativity that is social media.  Fortunately most of my friends aren’t negative people by nature.

It has been a long drawn out winter for me.  But it doesn’t really bother me oddly.  I haven’t wanted to go anywhere for awhile.  With the weather being lousy most of this winter, I have had the perfect excuse to stay home.


Author: alifeofmentalillness

I write about my experiences with mental illness and life in general. I am also currently under going 'lifestyle changes' (I hate the term 'dieting' as it's sounds so temporary) and have lost 70 pounds since spring 2014. I've put my poetry and novel writing on lower priority since I started losing weight and blogging more seriously.

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