Normal People From A Mentally Ill Perspective

While this may be a bit of a rant, I hope to do it in a comedic and loving manner.  I have lived as a human being for over 37 years now.  While I have learned some cool things along the way, like Ramen Noodles, diced grilled chicken, and alfredo sauce go great together, there are other things I still don’t know.  Some things I have accepted that I don’t have to know, like how to build a nuclear reactor or fly a plane.  Other things, like why normal people sometimes act in irrational and self detrimental ways, cause me to go gray early not knowing.

I can’t understand why normal people are afraid of science and technology.  In all honesty, knowing how to make fire is a technology.  So is attaching sharpened rocks to sticks to make spears.  I would love to know exactly when in our species’ history it became fashionable to fear changes and be nostalgic for a past that wasn’t that good.  I would have to guess that when people started to figure out farming about 10,000 years ago and began to settle in villages and towns, there were probably old timers who were lamenting the loss of the nomadic life of following the herds of game.  I wonder what the ancient Sumerian or Egyptian term for ‘Luddite’.





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