Celebrities Who Were In The Military

I’m going off subject for this post.  It’s getting close to Independence Day here in the United States.  Fireworks are already being shot off in my town.  In light of the upcoming holiday I’m going to post a list of famous people who served in the military, sometimes even after they became famous.  Most of my sources come from businessinsider.comhuffingtonpost.com, and snopes.com.


Drew Carey, U.S. Marine Corp

Mel Brooks, U.S. Army, World War II

Dennis Franz, 82nd and 101st Air Borne, Vietnam

Montel Williams, U.S. Marine Corp and U.S. Navy, 22 year veteran

Kirk Douglass, U.S. Navy, World War II

Don Rickles, U.S. Navy, World War II

Hugh Hefner, U.S. Army, World War II

Bea Arthur, U.S. Marine Corp, World War II

Chuck Norris, U.S. Air Force

Ice-T, U.S. Army

Kurt Vonnegut , Prisoner of War, World War II

J.D Sallinger, World War II

Clint Eastwood, U.S. Army, Korean War

Jimi Hendrix, 101st Airborne

Pat Sajak, Armed Forces Radio, Vietnam

Elvis Presley, U.S. Army

Morgan Freeman, U.S. Air Force

Senator John McCain, Prisoner of War, Vietnam

Bob Barker, U.S. Navy, World War II

Orville Richard Burrell aka Shaggy, U.S. Marine Corp, Gulf War

Ernest Hemmingway, World War I

James Earl Jones, Korea

Jesse Ventura, U.S. Nay SEAL, Vietnam

Senator John Kerry, U.S. Navy SEAL, Vietnam

Sinbad, U.S. Air Force

Leonard Nimoy, U.S. Army, World War II

Gene Roddenberry, U.S. Army Air Corp, World War II

George Westinghouse, U.S. Civil War

Mark Twain, U.S. Civil War

George Walton, Thomas Hayward Jr., Artur Middleton, Edward Rutledge, Richard Stockton, Signers of The Declaration of Independence and Prisoners of War, American Revolution.

Rod Serling , 11th Airborne, World War II

I know I have left out many celebrities who could have easily made this list, but I had to draw the line somewhere.  But this list was meant mainly as a fun “did you know” type list anyway.


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