No job is better than an ill suited job for your mental health (madness and the need for unproductivity, too)

This is a post from a blog titled I take no credit for these writings. I do agree that those of us with mental illness problems and issues often pressure ourselves into taking paid employment at the expense of taking time to heal ourselves. Others are often pressured by well-meaning friends, family, caseworkers, etc. into taking work that doesn’t mesh with their talents and attributes. I know I have had problems with minimum wage jobs in the past that didn’t mesh with my natural abilities, and now I don’t have the confidence to try any kind of work. Just as the title states, ‘No job is better than an ill suited job for your mental health.’ So true…..

Everything matters

video_ocean_sea_of_madness_speedpaint_by_nitelyhallow-d4lrqneThis article today got me thinking about an older post from a few years ago that I’ll once again share below the excerpt. This fact that bad and soul-killing jobs are difficult on us in profound ways has many implications in terms of beginning to think about how society needs to be reordered for the well-being of all humanity.

A bad job is harder on your mental health than unemployment

Psychosocial job quality involves the degree to which jobs promote control, autonomy, challenge, variety and task discretion. It effects the extent to which work enhances or diminishes our psychological well-being.

There’s a clear link between being engaged in “good work” and mental health. An important contribution to our understanding of this link has come from the Household, Income and Labor Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey in Australia. It brings together a robust set of data that can be easily compared…

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