Link to a Health and Wellness Blog of a Childhood Friend of Mine


While I normally post on mental illness and mental health issues, I also believe that there is a connection between physical health and mental health.  I am convinced they affect each other.  With this in mind, I wish to share a link to a blog run by Dr. Amy Bates of Kansas City.  She is a childhood friend of mine.  I take no credit for what she has wrote.  But we do agree that what we eat is very important.  Psychical and mental health very often influence each other.


Author: alifeofmentalillness

I write about my experiences with mental illness and life in general. I am also currently under going 'lifestyle changes' (I hate the term 'dieting' as it's sounds so temporary) and have lost 70 pounds since spring 2014. I've put my poetry and novel writing on lower priority since I started losing weight and blogging more seriously.

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