January 27, 2019

Got an earlier than usual start to this day.  It’s still dark as I write this.  Got only five hours of sleep last night.  I had been getting eight or so for weeks.  I hope this change in sleep patterns isn’t a prelude to problems.  But overall I feel quite well.  Sometimes I do get kind of lonely though.  Socializing over facebook and phone just isn’t the same as seeing someone in person.  But I don’t socialize much in person because it seems that so many people I come into contact with are in foul and irritable moods all the time.  Don’t know what to make of it.  I just don’t want that negativity rubbing off on me.  I don’t have the energy or the time to deal with needless drama anymore.  I’m too old for it.  As it is I’m content to stay alone for the time being.


Author: alifeofmentalillness

I write about my experiences with mental illness and life in general. I am also currently under going 'lifestyle changes' (I hate the term 'dieting' as it's sounds so temporary) and have lost 70 pounds since spring 2014. I've put my poetry and novel writing on lower priority since I started losing weight and blogging more seriously.

4 thoughts on “January 27, 2019”

      1. I absolutely understand, I just wasn’t sure if you wanted to talk about blogging off the topic of this specific blog. I’m just curious about why you like blogging and your process. I started blogging a while back and part of me doesn’t understand why I feel the need to share my experiences. It’s freeing and I feel like my history may help others. I just wanted to connect with another blogger–if you understand where I’m coming from?

      2. I like blogging because I am not photogenic enough to be a youtube star and I can’t sing and dance very well 🙂 All joking aside though, it gives me a way to tell people what life with mental illness is like for those of us with mental illness. I have always been a good story teller and presenting in public has never bothered me much. And blogging does seem to be a more civil median to communicate ideas than youtube or most other social media. If I ever were to do a video channel, I would do only voice overs and I wouldn’t allow comments. But I love writing and I’m decent at it. And blogging gives me a better audience than traditional print. And it allows me much more direct interaction with the reader than even if I wrote a best seller and went on the lecture circuit.

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